Appliance Protection

What is an Appliance Protection Plan?

An appliance protection plan covers the repair of covered appliances for a modest monthly fee, plus a small deductible when repairs are required. The list of covered appliances varies from one type of plan to another. When a covered appliance breaks down, a technician will come to your home to diagnose the covered appliance and repair it. Monthly Protection Plan fees can vary depending on the type of items covered.

  • Low plan costs and service fees. Learn more >
  • Pre Screened and pre-selected Appliance Repair Companies.
  • Prompt, 24/7 customer service.

Why do I need an Appliance Protection Plan?

There are many appliances in our home that we take for granted. We assume they will give us years of use with minimum of care. When a critical appliance functions poorly or unexpectedly fails, the inconvenience and often sizable costs to fix or replace it, along with waiting for service can quickly disrupt your life. With a North Texas Appliance Protection Plan, covered appliances that are not working properly or fail completely will be evaluated and repaired.